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The beer we stock comes from where possible the brewery direct. Beers will change due to brewing times and runs into the area. Prices are for in store and online and may be different at external events.

Alphabet - Manchester

Charlie Don't Surf £2.10 4.0% American style wheat beer more refreshing than the smell of Napalm in the morning 

Flat White £3.10 7.4% White breakfast stout BACK SOON

Juice Spingsteen £2.70 4.5% Fruity session pale ale BACK SOON

Beavertown - London

Gamma Ray* £2.70 5.4% American pale ale 

Lupuloid £3.20 6.7% Tasty fresh IPA BACK SOON

Neck Oil* £2.40 4.3% Session pale ale

Bristol Beer Factory - Bristol

Milk Stout £3.35 4.5% Rich creamy stout BACK SOON

Buxton - Buxton

Shelterstone £2.60 5.6% IPA BACK SOON

Stormbringer £4.25 4.4% Export stout BACK SOON

Cloudwater - Manchester

DDH Pale £4.35 5.5% Bold, juicy, hazy, and heavily-hopped Pale Ale BACK SOON

DIPA £6.00 8.5% Heavily-hopped and deceptively drinkable strong IPA BACK SOON

IPA £4.80 6.5% Juicy, soft, and full of ripe tropical fruit flavours from a blend of hops and aromatic yeast BACK SOON

Multi Dimensional Being £3.90 7.0% Baltic porter deep, indulgent malt flavours, clean smooth body of a Lager, making it rich and full-flavoured 

Pale £3.25 4.0% Balance between new wave hops, yeast esters, and easy drinkability BACK SOON


Cheshire IPA  £2.75 4.7%

Chocolate Cherry Mild £2.65 3.8% BACK SOON

Dunham Dark Mild £2.50 3.8% 

Dunham Porter £2.75 5.2% BACK SOON

Dunham Milk Stout £2.65 4%

East India Pale Ale £2.95 6% BACK SOON

First Chop - Manchester

Ava £2.00 3.5% Hoppy blonde ale GLUTEN FREE BACK SOON

Ape £2.60 6.3% American pale ale  GLUTEN FREE

Hop £2.10 4.1% Ultra pale ale GLUTEN FREE  

IPA £2.45 5.0% Juicy IPA GLUTEN FREE 

Jam £2.20 4.0% Mango pale ale GLUTEN FREE

Pod £2.10 4.2% Vanilla stout GLUTEN FREE  BACK SOON

Pop £2.45 5.4% Citrus IPA GLUTEN FREE  BACK SOON

Sup £2.20 3.9% Session pale ale GLUTEN FREE  BACK SOON

Hollows & Fentimans - Northumberland

Ginger Beer £3.00 4.0% Alcoholic ginger beer GLUTEN FREE  BACK SOON


Howling Hops - London

House £3.05 6.9% New England style IPA with aromas of peach, orange and earthy fruits combine with the drinkable, not-quite-sweet body BACK SOON

Tropical Deluxe £2.40 3.8% A fruity and hop-forward session pale ale fermented with a New England yeast strain. Aromas of stonefruit and pine, a reserved malt profile and a clean, dry finish BACK SOON

Kernel - London

Lincolnshire Craft Beers - Lincolnshire

Bomber County £2.65 4.8% A deep red premium bitter with earthy hops and fruity malt tastes BACK SOON

Best Bitter £2.45 3.7% Traditional bitter with a fresh, dry hoppy flavour combined with a fruity aftertaste and heady aroma BACK SOON

Lincoln Gold £2.65 4% A beer with a fruity aroma which is slightly zesty in flavour but still manages to retain some of the malt characteristics 

Little Earth Project - Suffolk

Hedgerow Blend 2019 £6.30 5.4% 4 barrels of sour saison and aged them separately on different fruits to be blended before packaging

Organic Harvest 2018 £ 4.85 6.7% Primary fermented with a Saison yeast strain and then a secondary fermentation, in oak barrels, with wild yeast

Mobberley - Cheshire

Loco Juice £2.50 4.2% An easy drinking Tropical Pale with mango and pineapple notes BACK SOON

Playback £2.60 5.2% West Coast IPA BACK SOON

UnChained £2.65 4.4% Double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic session NEIPA BACK SOON

UnNamed £3.90 5.8% New England IPA BACK SOON

Neon Raptor - Nottingham

Pomona Island - Salford 

Gnossienne No1 £8.65 6.4% 6.4% A clean saison, aged in a chardonnay barrel for 9 months then bretted in bottle BACK SOON

If I Only Had A Heart 2019 £15.00 12.0% Russian Imperial stout barrel aged in Caol lla 2012 hogshead courtesy of Chorlton WhiskeyBACK SOON

Jimmy Nail Ale £4.95 6.7% Fig brown ale with rich fig and zesty lemon notes

Seven Brothers Brewery - Manchester

S43 - Co Durham

All You Need Is Hops £4.95 6.8% IPA with a blend of English Malts and American West Coast Hops 

Back To Juice Town £5.25 6.6% Showcasing new season Mosaic & Azacca! This NEIPA busts of tropical fruit and citrus Aroma

Dank Money £5.20 7.4% Big hop bill starring Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook. Thick and resinous with plenty of bitterness

Jump Into The Fog £5.25 6.9% Double Dry hopped New Zealand IPA, Showcasing the pioneering New Zealand Hop, Nelson Sauvin

I Love Oats Me £5.10 6.1% IPA packed with citrus and sweet tropical fruit aromas

Pretzels On My Mind £5.55 10%  Imperial Stout that's thick and syrupy with tons of milk chocolate, caramel, and latte aromas BACK SOON

Smoothie Factory £5.40 6.2% Passion fruit & mango milkshake IPA

Tropic Fruit Punch £4.90 5.8% A tropical fruit explosion Denali, El Dorado and fresh coconut goodness of Sabro hops. Pineapple and Mango purees BACK SOON

Shindigger - Manchester 

La Vida Coco £4.80 6.8% 120kg of coconut flakes have shacked up with 20kg of cacao nibs to create this decadent dessert stout BACK SOON

Siren Craft Brew - Berkshire

Broken Dreams £2.35 6.5% Breakfast stout brewed with milk sugar and carefully selected espresso from London's Climpson & Sons

Staffordshire - Leek

Birthday Suit £3.00 4.5% Pale hoppy ale BACK SOON

Danebridge IPA £3.00 4.6% Traditional Indian pale ale BACK SOON

Happy Beerday £3.00 5.0% Golden ale BACK SOON

Old Farts £3.00 4.8% Ruby coloured ale with malty character BACK SOON

Thirst Class Ale - Stockport

Atmospheric obstruction £3.35 5.5% Super hoppy hazy New England style pale BACK SOON

Don't Panic £2.70 3.5% Session pale ale BACK SOON

Elephant Hawk £3.55 6.5% American style IPA brewed with Amarillo and Simcoe hops BACK SOON

Green Bullet £2.95 4.8% A pale ale brewed exclusively with New Zealand Green Bullet hops giving a fresh floral hop flavour BACK SOON

Hoppy Go Lucky £2.85 4.1% Pale Ale brewed with US hops Amarillo, Citra, Centennial and Cascade BACK SOON

Imperial Black Forest £3.55  10.3% Imperial stout with morello cherries BACK SOON

In At the Deep End £3.40 5.5% Pale ale BACK SOON

Kiss My Ace £3.00 4.0% 4.0% Single hop pale ale with Sorachi Ace BACK SOON

Mosaic Pale £3.10 4.7% Single hopped with US Mosaic. Fresh tropical flavours of mango, stone fruits and berries BACK SOON

New Zealand Pale £3.15 4.4% Pale ale with Rakau and Wai-iti hops BACK SOON

Stocky Oatmeal Stout £2.90 4.7% Nine different malts go into this stout with coffee and chocolate flavours BACK SOON

Thornbridge - Derbyshire

AM:PM £2.10 4.5% Session pale ale with lots of tropical fruit flavours BACK SOON

Zero Five  £1.60 0.5% Low Alcohol Pale Ale 

Coco Cocoa £2.45 5.5% A fantastic combination of milk chocolate and coconut in a decadent porter  BACK SOON

Cocoa Wonderland £2.70 6.8% A full bodied, robust porter  BACK SOON

Crackendale £2.20 5.2% Citra pale ale BACK SOON

Elio £2.10 4.7% Light, fresh and hugely drinkable BACK SOON

Galaxia £2.10 4.5% Single hopped Australian pale ale GLUTEN FREE BACK SOON

Halcyon £2.75 7.4% Intensely flavoured IPA with tones of tropical fruit and summer berry flavour  BACK SOON

Jaipur £2.40 5.9% IPA soft smooth with a huge rush of hops BACK SOON

Little By Little £1.60 0.5% Low alc milk stout BACK SOON

Lukas £2.10 4.2% German style helles lager BACK SOON 

Satzuma £2.35 4.5% Gluten-free Pale Ale with Satsuma peel GLUTEN FREEBACK SOON

Strawberry Lucaria £2.30 4.5% Strawberry Ice cream porter  BACK SOON

Tart £2.70 6.0% Collab with wild beer sour beer which is dry hopped  BACK SOON

Tzara £2.15 4.8% Kolsch style beer BACK SOON

Titanic - Stoke 

Plum Porter £3.10 4.9% Dark strong porter with plum  BACK SOON

Totally Brewed - Nottinghamshire

Track - Manchester

Two Tribes - London

Tynt Meadow - Mount St Bernard Abbey, Leics

English Trappist Ale £2.80 7.4% Strong ale brewed by the monks BACK SOON

Verdant - Cornwall 

Allen £7.00 8.0% Double IPA BACK SOON

Bloom £4.50 6.5% IPA Think Blueberry muffins, dank, stinky and packed with juiciness with a good solid bitterness BACK SOON

Headband £3.95 5.5% Glowing orange looks giving way to waves of hop flavour backed by a Munich malt body BACK SOON

Light Bulb £3.80 4.5% Juicy IPA   BACK SOON

Neal Gets Things Done £5.40 6.5% Hazy (unfined) fruity IPA BACK SOON

Pulp £5.15 8.0% Double IPA is bigger in every way but still retains a dry finish that hides its strength BACK SOON


Wiper & True - Bristol

Milkshake £3.75 4.0% Milk stout with lots of chocolate malt and vanilla BACK SOON

Wylam - Newcastle


Bellfield - Edinburgh 

Lawless Village £2.75 4.5% American IPA made with pale crystal malts and Cascade and Centennial American hops for a modern, citrusy finish GLUTEN FREE  BACK SOON

Black Metal Brewery - Edinburgh

Yggdrasil £3.55 6.6% Strong pale ale 

Fallen - Stirlingshire 

Chew Chew £3.10 6.0% Milk stout brewed with dark Belgian candi syrup, lactose and Hebridean sea salt BACK SOON

Fierce -Scotland


Polly - Mold 

Are We Famous? £4.90 5.6% Mammoth hop bill of Azacca, Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado and Ekuanot, and  the slightest lashing of lactose for sweetness

Tiny Rebel  - Newport

8th Birthday Beers

Dodge Dip Duck £5.20 11.0% Churros Pastry Stout BACK SOON

Holy Hand Grenade £4.25 6.8% NEIPA with Sabro & Nelson Sauvin

Not So Fast Round Boy £3.25 5.0% Coconut & vanilla creme IPA

Paradise City £4.25 6.8% Loral & Mosaic IPA

Cali £2.40 5.6% American Pale Ale is inspired by the rough and ready of the West Coast BACK SOON

Clwb Tropicana £2.65 5.5% Tropical IPA BACK SOON

Cwtch £2.30 4.6% Red ale BACK SOON

Dutty £2.30 4.2% A mild bitterness and a big juicy blast BACK SOON

Frambuzi £2.50 4.3% Sour beer! We have a soft spot for sours, and we love the rich, tangy flavours of Framboesia BACK SOON

Peaches And Cream IPA £2.90 5.5% Peach flavours from peaches! The cream comes from sweet lactose and the IPA from the bucket loads of Citra 


Pump Up The jam £3.15 5.0% Jam doughnut pale ale BACK SOON

Spinning Plates £3.30 6.3% Tropical milkshake IPA BACK SOON

Staypuft £2.65 5.2% This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale BACK SOON

* = Bottle conditioned - Beers are either unfiltered so the final conditioning of the beer takes place in the bottle, or filtered and then reseeded with yeast so that an additional fermentation may take place. 

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