Cider & Perry 

National Independent Cider Retailer of the Year 2017

Wakefield CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year 2016

Ampleforth Abbey - Yorkshire

750ml £7.00 8.0% Natural living cider with a small hint of cloudyness 

330ml £3.00 8.0% Natural living cider with a small hint of cloudyness 

500ml £3.50 6.5% Clear cider lightly sparking BACK SOON

500ml £3.50 6.5% Still cider BACK SOON

Angioletti - Italy

Mela Rossa £2.05 5.0% Made from Mela Rossa apples 

Rose with Blueberry 750ml £6.35 4.0% Medium dry cider with a touch of blueberry juice  BACK SOON

Rose with Blueberry 500ml £3.60 4.0% Medium dry cider with a touch of blueberry juice BACK SOON

Secco 750ml £5.75 5.0% Medium dry cider from 100% Italian apple juice BACK SOON

Secco 330ml £3.05 5.0% Medium dry cider from 100% Italian apple juice


Avalon - Spain

Sidera Avalon £2.00 5.5% Medium dry cider from Spain


Biddenden - Kent

Biddies 5 £3.45 5.0% Medium dry cider BACK SOON

Monks Delight £5.15 7.5% Still cider with honey and cinnamon  BACK SOON

Red Love £3.45 5% A medium cider with added sparkle to give a refreshing appley experience.BACK SOON

Strong Kent Cider £5.00 8.0% Still dry cider BACK SOON

Brannland - Sweden

Iscider £37.50 11.7% Ice cider produced in Sweden using the best Swedish apples and according to the Canadian denomination which states that the apple juice used to make Ice Cider should be concentrated with the help of natural cold only. Recognised as a classic dessert wine which sets itself apart from many other sweet wines by its pronounced freshness and acidity. Ice Cider pairs well with cheese and also works as an aperitif 

Bulwark - Canada

£2.65 5.8% Dry, crisp, and refreshing. Cider is all natural and made with 100% fresh-pressed apples from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada BACK SOON


Ciderboys - USA

First Press £2.25 5.0% Traditional cider from America

Cidre Bouche - France

Brut £5.15 4.5% Sparkling French cider with 100% apple juice BACK SOON

Doux £5.15 2.5% Sparkling sweet cider made from 100% apple juice BACK SOON

Doyles - Northern Ireland 

Medium £2.75 4.5% Refreshing Medium cider BACK SOON

Sweet £2.75 4.5% Something a little sweeter BACK SOON

Dunkertons - Herefordshire

Black Fox £3.20 7.0%(O,V) This is a deliciously robust medium dry sparkling cider boasting a rich, peaty taste with notes of apple BACK SOON

Friels - Cheltenham

Great Yorkshire - Cropton 

Yorkshire Cider £3.35 4.8% Refreshingly tasty, medium cider

Gwynt y Ddraig - Wales

Autumn Magic £3.60 4.5% Medium cider with blackberry 

Black Dragon £3.00 6.5% Medium Dry

Dabinett £3.00 6.0% Made from single variety cider apple giving a bittersweet cider 

Orchard Gold £2.80 4.9% Medium crisp cider BACK SOON

Perry Vale (V) £2.90 4.5% Medium pear cider   BACK SOON

Scrumpy £2.95 5.3% Medium


Hallets - Wales 

Real Cider £2.10 5.0% Tasty cider from Wales

Hawkes - London

Urban Orchard £2.30 4.5% Beautiful medium dry cider; smooth and harmonious in body

Kerisac - France 

Cidre Breton £2.30 5.0% Made from a variety of ripe Breton apples, Cidre Breton is a soft and full-flavoured cider 


Luscombe - Devon

Organic Devon Cider £1.90 4.9% Organic Medium dry cider BACK SOON

Orchards Of Husthwaite - Husthwaite

Dark Fruit £3.00 4.0% Medium dry cider with added dark fruits BACK SOON

Elderflower £3.00 4.0% Medium dry cider with hints of elderflower

Ginger £3.00 4.0% Dry cider with fresh ginger

Gold £2.75 6.0% Medium dry still cider BACK SOON

Gold £2.75 6.0% Can Sparkling dry cider

Katy £2.75 6.0% Medium sweet single variety still cider

Katy £2.75 6.0 CAN Medium sweet single variety sparkling cider BACK SOON

Raspberry £3.00 4.0% Medium sweet cider with hints of Raspberry BACK SOON

Rhubarb £3.00 4.0% Medium dry cider with hints of Rhubarb BACK SOON

Special Dry £2.75 6.0% Refreshing dry cider

Strong £2.75 6.9% Sparkling strong dry cider

Toffee £3.00 4.0% Medium sweet with caramel syrup BACK SOON

Original Sin - New York USA

£2.25 5.5% Cider done the American craft way

Pure North Cider - Yorkshire

Pure North £2.65 6.0% Triple filtered and lightly sparkling with medium dry full fruit flavour 

Have an apple £2.65 4.6% Lightly sparkling cider 


Ramborn - Luxembourg

Original £3.15 5.8% Crisp, sparkling cider uses apples sourced exclusively from traditional orchards of standard trees

Perry £3.15 5.1% Made with pears from very old traditional orchards, grown on the banks of Luxembourg’s eastern rivers

Sam Smiths - Tadcaster (O,V)

Organic Cider £2.70 5.0% Medium dry cider  

Organic Perry £2.70 5.0% Dry sparkling pear cider 

Snails Bank - Herefordshire

Rhubarb £2.40 4.0% Real apple cider infused with tart Rhubarb and blended with vanilla BACK SOON

Staffordshire Brewery - Leek

Berry Good £3.20 4.0%  Light sparkling cider with a hint of strawberry 

Currantly Good £3.20 4.0% Cider with blackcurrant 

Dry £3.20 5.0% As dry as a desert, as sharp as a cactus needle!

Medium £3.20 5.0% 5.0% Medium cider

Pearticularly Good £3.20 4.0% Pear cider

Scrumpy £3.20 6.0% Made from pressed English apples and stored in oak barrels 

Strong Cider £3.20 6.5% Made from Yarlington mill apples

Sxollie - South Africa

Cripps Pink £2.60 4.5% Pink Lady cider

Golden Delicious £2.60 4.5% Golden Delicious Cider 

Granny Smith £2.60 4.5% Cider using Granny Smith 

Thirsty Farmer - Nottinghamshire 

Medium £2.20 4.5% Traditional long fermented, Still farmhouse cider BACK SOON

Premium £2.30 6.0% Traditional farmhouse cider BACK SOON

Thornborough - Yorkshire 

Yorkshire Cider £2.05 6.5% Hand pressed dry cider 

Tutts Clump - Berkshire

Berkshire Diamond £2.90 4.5% Medium dry cider BACK SOON

Blackberry £3.30 4.0% Medium sweet cider with added blackberry juice  BACK SOON

Cranberry £3.35 4.0% Medium sweet cider with cranberry juice BACK SOON

Jazz £2.90 5.5% Medium dry BACK SOON

Mango £3.35 4.0% Medium sweet cider with added mango juice BACK SOON

Perry £3.30 6.0% Medium dry created with a variety of pears  BACK SOON

Royal Berkshire £2.80 7.0% Medium Sweet BACK SOON

Rum Cask £3.35 7.5% Medium dry matured in rum casks  BACK SOON

Special Reserve £2.90 6.0% Dry cider created using eating, cooking and crab apples BACK SOON

Traditional Farmhouse £2.90 6.0% Medium dry created using eating, cooking and crab apples BACK SOON


Udders Orchard - Huddersfield

Elmet £3.10 5% Session strength medium cider

Hector £3.10 6.0% Medium dry​. 'Udders Orchard uses unwanted, free range fruit from Yorkshire BACK SOON

Lindley Gold £3.10 5.5% Medium dry cider naturally fermented  and aged in oak casks. Very appley with hints of vanilla and oak 

Luddite £3.10 6.3% Dry cider, naturally fermented and matured in whisky casks 

Waterloo Sunset £3.10 7.2% Medium perry handcrafted in Huddersfield

Whisky Cask £3.10 6.5% Dry cider matured in whisky barrels

Vixen - France

Cidre £3.50 4.5% Perfect balance of crisp and sweet, Vixin apple cider is made from a blend of French cider apples

Poire £3.50 4.5% Produced using 100% pear juice BACK SOON

Yorkshire Cider Co - Leeds

Ol' Alfred's Scrumpy £2.75 7.0% Sparkling cider made with 30 varieties of apple sourced from orchards and gardens BACK SOON

Ol' Arthur's Scrumpy £2.75 6.5% Still cider made with 30 varieties of apple sourced from orchards and gardens  BACK SOON


Zapiain - Spain 

Basque £12.50 6.0% Basque cider with maple, tolosa & pecan apples

Key - O - Organic, V - Vegan