Booze & Bites By Bier Huis

Dutch Delight Street Food



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Dutch delight street food. What better snack food than the delights of Holland & Belgium. 


Having a food market or even a party we can provide you with the delights of easy snack food. 





Frites & Sauce - Chips served with a choice of sauce - Ketchup, Mayo, Curry Ketchup or Fritessaus


Bitterballen - Shredded beef in a ragout sauce in crispy breadcrumbs served with sweet mustard


Kroketten - Just like a Bitterballen but longer 


Broodje kroket - Kroketten served in a bread roll


Gouda Bites - Dutch cheese filled crispy bites served with sweet chilli sauce


Frikandellen - Long minced meat sausage served with sauce


BroodjeFrikandellen - Frikandellen served in bread roll 


Kipcorn - What we would call Chicken Nuggets using 100% Chicken breast served with mayo


Bami - Vegetarian noodle snack in breadcrumbs