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Tha na duilleagan sin a-nis falaichte agus chan eil iad gan ùrachadh feuch an toir thu sùil air na lionntan as ùire



Out of stock beers may be seasonal, out of stock at the brewery or on our rotation list. If you wish to purchase

these please contact us for further details. 

Prices are for in store and online and may differ at external events.


Abbeydale - Sheffield

Heathen £3.20 4.1% Refreshing pale ale showcasing mosaic hops​ (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Heresy £3.15 4.5% A clean and crisp sessionable lager in the continental style (Gluten Free)BACK SOON

Serenity £3.20 3.8% Session IPA hopped with Cascade and Citra  BACK SOON

Voyager IPA #20 £3.65 5.6% Enigma, Eureka and the experimental hop HBC 472, with notes of coconut, berries, vanilla and a bourbon wood character  (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Acorn - Barnsley

Barnsley Bitter £2.35 3.8% Hops and malt along with a hint of chocolate give a fruit and bitter taste  BACK SOON

Blonde £2.40 4.0% Balanced pale ale with a crisp clean finish BACK SOON

Barnsley Gold £2.45  4.3% Citrus aroma & good bitterness fruit and hops give it a dry finish 

Gorlovka £2.65 5.0% Imperial stout with hints of liquorice  BACK SOON

IPA £2.80 6.3% Gluten free IPA (Gluten Free)  BACK SOON

Old Moor Porter £2.50 4.4% Rich dark ale with hints of chocolate and liquorice  

Yorkshire Pride £2.35 3.7% Light golden beer with well balanced creamy malt & fruit aroma 

Ampleforth Abbey - York

Abbey Beer* £3.15 7.0% Dubbel - Dark full bodied abbey beer with a fruity malty flavour


Atom - Hull 

Bad Co - Dishforth

Tectonic £5.90 10.5% Flavours of cinder toffee, cherry and treacle

Bad Seed - Malton 

Dark Forest Theory £3.45 5.5% Chocolate cherry stout BACK SOON

Electric Rain £3.45 4.6% Lemon lime sour

Juice Bar £3.80 5.3% Tropical Pale. Pineapple and Mango puree

Beer Ink - Huddersfield 

Bradfield - South Yorkshire

Belgian Blue £2.25 4.9% Unique Christmas beer with berry overtones BACK NOVEMBER 2020

Brown Cow £2.10 4.2% Rich deep chestnut ale. Smooth creamy head with a citrus after taste BACK SOON

Farmers Blonde £2.10 4.0% Very refreshing light blonde ale with plenty of citrus & fruit aromaBACK SOON

Farmers Pale £2.25 5.0% Powerful fruity pale ale BACK SOON

Farmers Sixer £2.30 6.0% Strong lager style pale ale BACK SOON

Farmer Stout £2.15 4.5% Rich dark stout made hops to give it a subtle hop character BACK SOON

Yorkshire Farmer £2.10 4.0% Gold, light on the palate with a smooth bitter finish BACK SOON

Blonde £22.00 in 5 Litre mini keg others available to order BACK SOON

Brass Castle - Malton

Bad Kitty* £2.85 5.5% The vanilla porter (Gluten Free) 

Dark Web £3.10 4.8% Chinook & Columbus hopped dry stout (Gluten Free) 

Disruptor £3.75 7.4% Hoppy, hazy, New England style IPA(Gluten Free)  

Helles Lager £2.80 4.4% Helles-style malt-forward pale lager. (Gluten Free) 

Junipurr £2.90 4.9% Gin botanicals to infuse a kolsch-style beer (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Mind Sweeper £5.35 10% Double IPA with Simcoe, Comet and Columbus hops

Sunshine* £3.00 5.7% US west coast style IPA plenty of hops  (Gluten Free)

Brew York - York

Cereal Killer 33.85 6.5% West Coast style IPA full of Columbus, Amarillo, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops  (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Cherry Tonkoko £4.45 9.5% Imperial milk stout with stacks of cherries BACK SOON

Dame Judi Quench £4.40 5.7% DDH Pale ale BACK SOON

Espresso Patronum £6.45 12% Imperial milk stout with coffee, rich chocolate and vanilla BACK SOON

X-Parrot £4.40 6.5% New England IPA combining tropical fruit flavours with Citra and Mosaic hops BACK SOON

Rhubarbra Streisand £3.80 5.5%  Milkshake IPA with rhubarb, vanilla and a smidge of ginger BACK SOON

Tonkoko £3.60 4.3% Milk Stout with Tonka beans, hand-toasted coconut, Madagascan vanilla and Belgian sourced cacao nibs BACK SOON

Daleside - Harrogate

Blonde £2.60 4.3% Traditional ale but cold conditioned as a lager all the flavour of ale but mellowness of lager BACK SOON

Clipped Bush £2.65 4.5% Refreshing golden ale BACK SOON

Lager £1.70 4.3% An award winning beer with a floral aroma and a crisp finish BACK SOON

Greengrass £2.60 4.5% Golden ale with an unusual set of malt with 4 different hops to add a bitter finish BACK SOON

Monkey Wrench £2.65 5.3% Dark strong ale with fruit, hops and roasted malt aromas BACK SOON

Morocco Ale £2.75 5.5% Dark mysterious ale brewed to an ancient recipe BACK SOON

Old Leg Over £2.55 4.1% Well balanced mid brown ale with complex mix of malt and hops BACK SOON

Elland Brewery - Elland

1872 Porter* £2.90 6.5% Dark rich porter with coffee and chocolate flavour BACK SOON

Five Towns - Wakefield 

Geeves - Barnsley

Great Newsome Brewery - Winestead East Yorks

Cold Snap £2.35 5.2% Lager style ale 

Finkle £2.40 5.5% American style IPA, With tropical fruit aroma and a mouthful of lychee and peach BACK SOON

Frothingham Best £2.30 4.3% Best bitter, slightly dry. Goes great with stews

Holderness Dark £2.50 4.3% Dark mild ale. Aroma of sweet toffee & grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth 

Jem's Stout £2.30 4.3% Deep dark stout, rich in flavour  

Liquorice Lads Stout £2.50 4.3% Pontefract liquorice goes into this stout

Pricky Back Otchan £2.30 4.2% Golden amber bitter 

Sleck Dust £2.30 3.8% Light refreshing ale, goes great with curry or Thai food

Kirkstall - Leeds

Dissolution IPA £2.25 5.0% Delicious amber ale with a substantial hop kick  BACK SOON

Three Swords £2.25 4.7% A crisp aromatic pale ale with clean and refreshing citrus fruit flavours  BACK SOON

Pale Ale £2.10 4.0% A golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfyingly bitter finish BACK SOON

Providence £3.55 5.2% Cryo hops in the terms of Citra, Amarillo and Ekaunot BACK SOON

Spokane £3.70 6.0% West Coast IPA. A consciously subdued malt base allows pronounced citrus, piney, resinous hop aroma   BACK SOON

Verdita £2.50 4.0% Pineapple, Lime, Coriander, and Mint Sour BACK SOON

Virtuous £2.50 4.5% Session IPA, Centennial, Mosaic and Citra  (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Little Critters - Sheffield

Nutty Ambassador £3.25 6.0% Hazelnut milk stout

Little Valley - Hebden Bridge

Cherry Saison £2.75 4.5% Fruity Cherry Saison BACK SOON

Cragg Vale £2.60 4.2% Rich red brown bitter BACK SOON

Dark Vale £2.75 4.5% Porter with hints of vanilla BACK SOON

Ginger Pale £2.65 4.0% Light and fresh with a hint of ginger BACK SOON

Hebden Wheat £2.60 4.5% Hazy beer with aromas of coriander & lemon BACK SOON

Moor Ale £2.80 5.5% Brown ale full bodied taste BACK SOON

Python £2.85 6.0% (O, V) Strong brown IPA BACK SOON

Stoodley Stout £2.75 4.8% Rich creamy stout BACK SOON

Tod's Blonde £2.75 5.0% Ideal for a lager drinker fruity & spicy BACK SOON

Withens Pale £2.55 3.9% (O, V) Light and bright IPA BACK SOON 

Magic Rock - Huddersfield

Cannonball £2.80 7.4% India pale ale in the true tradition, high in alcohol and massively hopped 

Common Grounds £2.15 5.4% Triple coffee porter. A full-bodied, smooth coffee beer in collaboration with local roaster Dark Woods BACK SOON

Dairyfreak £2.70 5.2% Milk ice porter BACK SOON

Dancing Bier £2.15 4.5% German style lager  

Dark Arts £2.20 6.0% Surreal stout. Spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs

Dark Arts Chocolate £2.30 6.0% Stout flavoured with Venezuelan Rio Caribe cacao nibs and Madagascan vanilla BACK SOON

Fantasma £2.70 6.5%  A dank and juicy India pale ale. The aroma and flavour is fruit-filled with plenty of tropical mango. (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

High Wire £2.40 5.5% A tribute to the pale ales of the West Coast of America. Mango, lychee and grapefruit flavours with a crisp bitter finish BACK SOON

High Wire Grapefruit £2.40 5.5%  A West Coast pale ale variation of High Wire with added grapefruit BACK SOON

Inhaler £2.35 4.5% Juicy pale ale with six different hops. Super fruity, super ripe, super juicy and super drinkable BACK SOON

Rapture £2.10 4.6% A full-bodied, hoppy red beer. Aromas of grapefruit and pine, combine with pithy orange and tropically citrus flavours 

Salty Kiss £2.10 4.1%  A traditional German style Gose, flavoured with Gooseberry, Sea Buckthorn and Sea Salt BACK SOON

Saucery £2.20 3.9% IPA - Session (Gluten Free) 

Naylor's - Keighley 

Archies Ginger £2.55 4.0% Copper coloured beer with fresh and dried ginger added to give a lovely ginger bite BACK SOON

Black Cherry £2.60 5.6% Rich dark beer fermented with sour cherries BACK SOON

Black N Tan £2.35 4.4% Mix of Pinnacle bitter & porter to create a deep brown beer BACK SOON

Citras £2.10 4.4% Pale Ale BACK SOON

Citrus Wheat £2.55 4.5% Brewed with Amarillo hops and coriander BACK SOON

Coffee Porter £2.60 4.8% Brewed with Brazilian Coffee beans and roasted malt BACK SOON

Columbus £2.10 4.5% Columbus hopped pale ale

Gold £2.30 4.0% Golden ale with a crisp hoppy finish BACK SOON

IPA £2.55 4.5% Good bitterness & a pronounced hop aroma BACK SOON

Martha's Chocolate Milk Stout £2.60 4.5% Milk and chocolate are added to this stoutBACK SOON

Mosaic £2.70 500ml bottle /£2.00 330ml can BACK SOON 4.0% Crisp golden IPA style beer BACK SOON

Oatmeal Stout £2.55 4.5% Tasty rich stout BACK SOON

Old Ale £2.65 6.2% Easy drinking strong ale, sweet maltiness balanced with bitterness

Original Liquorice Libation £2.55 4.4% Liquorice, treacle and blackcurrant go into this rich dark beer BACK SOON

Pinnacle Blonde £2.30 4.3% Premium blonde beer with a floral finish BACK SOON

Porter £2.40 4.8% Chocolate malt give flavours of coffee and chocolate BACK SOON

Rhubarb and Custard £2.55 4.4% Golden beer packed with rhubarb and custard flavour BACK SOON

Rhubarb and Ginger £2.30 4.8% Porter using rhubarb from the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle BACK SOON

Rum Baa Baa £2.70 6.2% Strong rich brown ale layered with rum 

Toffee Temptation £2.55 4.2% Brown ale with added sugar and molasses to create a toffee flavour BACK SOON

US Ale £2.60 4.5% American IPA with huge bold zesty flavours BACK SOON

Yorkshire Ale £2.30 4.0% Copper coloured ale bitter at the start then a mellow flavour comes through BACK SOON

Nook Brewery - Holmfirth

Blonde £2.85 4.5% English style wheat beer, citrussy overtones complement slightly biscuity palate BACK SOON

Cherry Stout £3.25 5.2% A well-bodied oat stout with notes of cherry and a distinct liquorice palate as well as roasted flavours  BACK SOON

Maple Porter £2.85 4.2% dark ale with a distinct flavour of maple syrup  BACK SOON

Nook'y Brown Ale £2.95 4.9% Dark brown ale full flavoured  BACK SOON

Oat Stout £3.10 5.2% A full-flavoured Oaty stout with hints of liquorice and roasted flavours BACK SOON

Red £2.85 4.5% A deep chestnutty red ale featuring rich malty overtones but balanced by a fruity hop aroma BACK SOON

Tigermoth Porter £2.85 4.2% Rich & robust dark ale with a sweet toffee & caramel malt character balanced with blackcurrant and wither berry flavours BACK SOON

NIPA £2.20 5.2% A strong and powerful yet delicate and pleasant IPA. Sweet caramel body with notes of tropical stone fruits and a resinous pine finish BACK SOON

Pennine Light £2.70 3.5% Light golden mild  BACK SOON

RIPA £2.30 5.2% IPA with a smooth caramel body balanced with a sharp rhubarb finish  BACK SOON

North Brewing - Leeds

Full Fathom 5 £2.70 6.5% Coffee coconut porter BACK SOON

Komakino £4.30 8.5% Double IPA Pale orange haze offering an aroma of citrus fruit and sweet orange peel  BACK SOON

Piñata £2.55 4.5% Tropical pale ale BACK SOON

Sputnik £2.55 5.0% Pale ale. Dry hopped with a citrus and pine aroma. Tropical and stone fruit also put in a hoppy appearance BACK SOON

Transmission £2.85 6.9% West coast IPA BACK SOON

Volta £3.00 4.1% A light and refreshing sour flavoured with blood orange and forced Yorkshire rhubarb BACK SOON

Northern Monk - Leeds

Eternal £2.30 4.1% A light blonde session IPA, contributing a big tangerine aroma and long, thirst quenching citrus pith flavour BACK SOON

Faith £3.45 5.4% American style pale ale BACK SOON

Heathen £4.35 7.2% Very hoppy IPA BACK SOON

New World IPA £2.60 6.2% Big punches of Pine, pithy Grapefruit and resinous soft fresh fruit  BACK SOON

Northern Star £2.60 5.9% Rich dark chocolate and lactose sugar, balanced with bitter ground coffee beans and hints of hazelnut BACK SOON

Origin £2.90 5.7% A homage to the origins of IPA and the evolution of this style. Piney, juicy and crisp (Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Patrons Project 13.05 £6.90 8.2% Massive juicy hopped double IPA BACK SOON

Patrons Project 19.03 £5.25 5.5% Double dry hopped pils

Striding Edge £2.55 2.8% A light IPA inspired by one of the highest peaks. Piney, citrusy and fresh

North Riding - Scarborough

Ossett Brewery - Ossett 

Excelsius £2.65 5.2% Pale ale, brewed from British pale malt and American Cascade hops

Silver King £2.60 4.3% Combination of pale malt and American Cascade hops result in a crisp, dry, refreshing bitter

Yorkshire Blonde Premium £2.45 4.5% Full bodied light golden coloured ale BACK SOON

Yorkshire Brunette £2.45 3.7% An easy-drinking session bitter

Pennine Brewing - Bedale

Best Bitter £2.65 3.9% Traditional Ale BACK SOON

Black Forest £2.70 4.0% German malts light hopping and added cherry chocolate and creaminess

Celtic Hill £2.70 4.0% Tasty dark porter BACK SOON

Hair Of The Dog £2.70 4.1% Fruity hop burst, sweet after taste and refreshing to the palate 

Heartland £2.70 3.9% Toffee, malted, caramel smell and a rich smooth moreish flavour IPA £2.70 4.4% A crisp golden I.P.A. brewed with a perfect balance of zesty fruits, mild liquorice and black pepper undertone

Millie George £2.70 4% A blonde ale BACK SOON

No 3 £2.80 4.3%  An old English IPA

Tan Hill Ale £2.80 3.9% Traditional brown ale 

Piglove - Leeds

Phantasticum Hop Healer £3.00 6.5% Easy to drink IPA with a sour woody aftertaste of chuchuhuasi, a legendary plant from the Amazon rainforest  BACK SOON

Phantasticum Limbus £4.80 9.0% Imperial Stout, A highly aromatic and full-bodied Stout with a woody aftertaste of Chuchuhuasi

Ridgeside - Leeds

Equator £3.45 5.6% Pineapple & Grapefruit IPA  BACK SOON

Milky Joe £3.55 5.6% Coffee milk stoutBACK SOON

Moonbarb £4.10 4.4%  Raspberry, Rhubarb & Custard Wheat Sour BACK SOON

Muffin Compares 2 U £4.85 6.5% Blueberry Muffin Milk Stout BACK SOON

No Figgity £5.25 9% Fig & candied orange peel barleywine BACK SOON 

Objects In Space £3.30 4.8% DH pale ale BACK SOON 

Plato Comet £3.05 4.0% Single hop pale ale BACK SOON

Rudgate - York 

Grapefruit Paradisi £2.20 4.2% Pale ale with a fresh grapefruit and zesty fruit punch BACK SOON

Jorvik Blonde £2.50 4.6% Blonde beer with hoppy bitterness & a crisp finish BACK SOON

Pale £2.40 3.8% £2.40 3.8% Bright zesty pale ale with a clean refreshing taste 

Ruby Mild £2.50 4.4% A dark premium mild 

Valkyrie APA £2.50 5.0% American west coast pale ale BACK SOON

Very Cherry £2.30 5.2% Cherry farmhouse ale BACK SOON

York Chocolate Stout £2.50 5.0% New stout with chocolate 


Saint Mars of the Desert - Sheffield

Salt - Saltaire

Alpaca DDH IPA £2.55 6.6% An aromatic, double dry-hopped IPA with underlying citrus and tropical notes 

Citra £3.25 4.3% Session strength NEIPA, brewed with generous additions of Citra in the kettle and as dry hop make this super juicy and hazy BACK SOON

Doppel Denim £3.30 4.2% A twist on a traditional Doppelbock 

Hex £2.10 4.0% A clean and crisp Lager with light grassy hop aromas. Classic lager flavours of bread are followed by a slightly sweet honey finish 

Hex Pils £4.50 4.8% A classic German pilsner, gluten-free & easy drinking with notes of honey malt and hop spiciness BACK SOON

Huckaback £2.45 5.5% A cloudy New England IPA brewed from oats and pale malt 

Ikat £3.00 8.0% A smooth, double dry-hopped DIPA which packs a punch BACK SOON

Jute £2.25 4.0% A great thirst-quenching IPA with loads of hops

Lime After Lime £3.45 3.4% A light-bodied, thirst quenching and refreshing malted beverage

Untitled Gose Game £2.70 4.3% A crisp and light Gose infused with Meyer Lemons & Rosemary 

Saltaire Brewery - Saltaire

Amarillo Gold £2.60 4.4% Pale straw clear wheat beer with citrus hop flavour BACK SOON

Cascade Pale Ale £2.65 4.8% American style pale ale with floral aromas & cascade/centennial hops BACK SOON

Citra £2.60 4.2% Pale ale with citra hops BACK SOON

Full Tilt £2.35 5.2% Australian hopped pale ale 

New World £2.75 5.2% Hoppy red ale BACK SOON

No 5 £2.60 4.2% Smooth, dark, smoky, malt centric ale. Roasted malt aromas and chocolate, nutty flavours BACK SOON

Polarity £2.15 6.2% Black IPA  BACK SOON

Pinnacle Blonde £2.55 4.0% Straw coloured light ale with spicy BACK SOON

South Island Pale £2.50 3.5% Pale ale with New Zealand hops BACK SOON

Unity £2.80 6.0% American style IPA BACK SOON

Titus £2.50 3.9% Pale amber beer with spicy hop flavour BACK SOON

Triple Chocoholic £2.65 4.8% Chocolate stout BACK SOON

Velocity £2.15 4.1% Session pale ale Light. Citrusy. Refreshing BACK SOON

Zipwire £2.30 5.2% Fresh. Zesty. Real orange & grapefruit

Sam Smiths - Tadcaster

Apricot £2.40 5.1% (O,V) Organic apricot juice with organic ale

Cherry £2.40 5.1% (O,V) Organic cherry juice with organic ale BACK SOON

Raspberry £2.40 5.1% (O,V) Organic raspberry juice with organic ale

Strawberry £2.40 5.1% (O,V) Organic strawberry juice with organic ale

Imperial Stout £2.10 (V) 7.0% Rich in flavour, deep chocolate colour with roasted barley nose BACK SOON

India Ale £2.65 (V) 5.0% Full flavoured complex ale with plenty of maltiness and fruity hop character

Nut Brown Ale £2.65 (V) 5.0% Dry ale with rich nutty colour and a taste of beech, almonds & walnuts 

Oatmeal Stout £2.65 (V) 5.0% Smooth textured ale with a medium dry palate & bittersweet finish 

Organic Chocolate Stout £2.75 (V) 5.0% Using chocolate malt and coco to create this stout with chocolate flavour BACK SOON

Organic Pale Ale £2.75 (O,V) 5.0% Full flavoured pale ale 

Organic Pure Brewed Lager £2.75 (V) 5.0% Matured at low temperatures to bring out its delicate flavour

Sams Brown Ale £1.20 0.5% Brown ale but with no booze

Taddy Porter £2.65 (V) 5.0% Using hard well water and roasted malt, malted barley, yeast & hops to create this dark beer BACK SOON

Wheat £2.75 5.0% Flavours of citrus and banana 

Winter Welcome £3.00 6.0% Full flavoured seasonal beer with plenty of malt character BACK WINTER 2020

Yorkshire Stingo* £5.80 (V) 8.0% Brewed for a year in oak casks BACK SOON

Three Fiends - Holmfirth 

Bad Uncle Barry* £3.20 4.2% Hop bursting pale ale BACK SOON

Bandito £ 3.10 4.5% American pale ale 

Boomer £3.20 4.3% Heavy hopped pale ale BACK SOON 

Da Rockwilder £3.10 4.5% Kolsch style beer 

Dark Side £3.25 5.3% American hopped & chocolate malt black IPA  BACK SOON

In The Doghouse £3.20 5.5% Smooth, fruity flavour. Hints of grapefruit and black pepper leading to a spicy finish 

Little Devil £3.25 5.3% Easy drinking hoppy pale ale BACK SOON

Misfit £3.20 4.2% Easy drinking blonde BACK SOON

Moko Titi £3.00 4.6% Session IPA with a blend of US & NZ hops  BACK SOON

Panic Attack £3.40 6.8% Stout brewed with two types of coffee 

Punch Drunk £3.40 5.5% Citrus and pine notes with a big hit of tropical fruits  

Two Face £3.20 4.0% English & American hops go into this session pale ale 

Voodoo £3.20 6.0% Chocolate chilli stout BACK SOON

Turning Point - Kirkbymoorside

Swerve Driver £4.80 6% A monstrously dry-hopped IPA.

Ward & Houldsworth - Sheffield

Original Infused £2.95 3.8% Fudge Cupcake Bitter 

Original Infused £2.95 5.0% Strawberry & Cream Pale Ale 

Original Infused £2.95 4.2% Vanilla & Walnut Dark Ale 

Wilde Child - Leeds

Brownie Huntress £4.80 7.4% Export strength chocolate fudge brownie stout 

Chasing Epiphany £3.75 4.8% Bags of Citra and Mosaic hops are at the fore here combined with a super healthy dose of oats for that creamy mouth feel  BACK SOON

Insatiable Circumstance £3.90 5.1% Caramel Latte Porter BACK SOON

Righteous Indignation £4.90 7.4% Hoppy IPA

Wishbone - Keighley

Dassier £3.15 4.2% NZ Helles Lager hopped with Motueka BACK SOON

Zoikes £3.15 4.2% American Pale Ale with Columbus, Ekuanot & Mosaic hops BACK SOON

Yorkshire Heart - Num Monkton

Hearty Blonde £2.70 3.8% Subtle citrus flavours BACK SOON

Blackheart Stout* £2.85 4.8% Blend of malts and roasted barley to create an ale full of taste and colour BACK SOON

Get Pithed* £2.75 4.2% Full of citrus orange flavour BACK SOON

Hearty Bitter £2.70 3.7% blend of malts and roasted barley to create an ale full of taste and colour BACK SOON

JRT £2.75 4.2% Styrian Golding hops give extensive aromas of long warm summer days BACK SOON

Liberty Lager* £2.90 5.0% Refreshing Yorkshire lager BACK SOON

Dark Heart* £2.70 4.0% Rich flavoured mild with hints of nuts and chocolate BACK SOON

Lightheart Pale* £2.65 3.3% Golden pale ale that really punches above its abv when it comes to flavour BACK SOON

Off the Wheaten Path £2.70 3.3% Golden Ale, easy drinking.(Gluten Free) BACK SOON

Rhu-Bar* £2.90 3.7% Dark in colour rhubarb flavoured beer

Sliverheart IPA* £2.70 4.0% Rich malts and wheat that are blended with gorgeous aromatic hops all go in to brewing this BACK SOON

Zapato Brewery - Marsden

Zappatapale £4.75 5.5% American pale ale 

F = Fair Trade

O = Organic 

V = Vegan

* = Bottle conditioned - beers are either unfiltered so the final conditioning of the beer takes place in the bottle, or filtered and then reseeded with yeast so that an additional fermentation may take place.  

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