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Spirits & Other drinks

If it's not shown below please drop us an email and we will see what we can do  -

These pages are now hidden and not being updated please see for latest stock

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Asbach - Germany

3 Years £28.50 38.0% Original brandy and aged for 3 years in oak casks BACK SOON


Brittains - Yorkshire

Gin £40.00 41.4% Juniper berry combined with interesting botanicals and a twist of citrus BACK SOON

Rhubarb Gin £35.00 37.5% Flavour crafted from a secret recipe of interesting botanicals BACK SOON

Strawberry Gin £35.00 37.5% Strawberry flavoured gin BACK SOON

Clover Gin - Belgium

Clover £36.00 40.0% Clover, pear & lavender go into this amazing gin. UK EXCLUSIVE

Royal Fox - Skelmanthorpe

£40.00 42.0% London dry gin with hints of pepper BACK SOON

Forest Fruit £40.00 37.5% London dry gin with a mix of pure fruit juice BACK SOON

Navy £50.00 57.0% Smooth & easy to drink despite the abv 

Old Tom £40.00 42.0% Honey infused gin BACK SOON

Edinburgh Gin - Scotland

Raspberry Liqueur £20.00 20% BACK SOON

Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur £20.00 20%  BACK SOON

Forged In Wakefield 

Cherry Blossom £35.00 37.5% Sweet lingering cherry flavours with a real gin kiss! 

The Original £35.00 43.0% Incredibly smooth and dry gin with a slightly spice forward hit on the palate

Rhubarb & Ginger £35.00 37.5% Premium gin with rhubarb & ginger BACK SOON

Sherbert Lemon £35.00 37.5% Premium gin. It's like eating your favourite childhood sweets whilst walking through a lemon grove 

Passion Fruit £35.00 37.5% Small batch, hand crafted, passion fruit gin 

Strawberry & Cinnamon £35.00 37.5% Small batch, premium gin bursting with strawberry and cinnamon 

Haworth Steam Brewing Company - Yorkshire

Deckchair £37.00 39% Using finest botanicals with a unique strawberry fruit infusion  BACK SOON

Lamplighter £37.00 39% Hand crafted limited batch using 10 botanicals BACK SOON

Yorkshire Rhubarb £37.00 39% Gin infused with rhubarb BACK SOON

Miss Mollie's Black Jack £37.00 38% Dry gin infused with liquorice root and Mediterranean anise BACK SOON

Miss Mollie's Cherry Bon Bon £37.00 38% Dry gin infused with cherry and sour fruits 

Miss Mollie's Old English Toffee £37.00 38% Dry gin infused with English toffee flavour BACK SOON

Miss Mollie's Parma Violet £37.00 38% Dry gin infused with parma violet  BACK SOON

Miss Mollie's Pear Drops £37.00 38% Dry gin infused with pear drop flavours BACK SOON

Miss Mollie's Sherbet Lemon £37.00 38.0% Dry gin infused with sherbet and lemon BACK SOON

Little Red Berry Co - Yorkshire

Damson Gin Liqueur £17.95 26% 35cl BACK SOON

Elderflower & Cucumber Gin £28.95 25% 70cl London dry gin mixed with fresh cucumbers & elderflower cordial  BACK SOON

Lemon & Thyme Gin £28.95 29% London dry gin mixed with lemon and thyme

Raspberry Gin Liqueur £17.95 25% 35cl 

Sloe Gin £17.95 29% 35cl BACK SOON

Military Spirit Gin £39.00 43% Hand distilled in small batches by veteran and master distiller Tony in Catterick Garrison , in partnership with SSAFA BACK SOON


Lickerish Tooth - Egton

Ginger Ninja Gingery  Gin £29.00 42% Gingery gin BACK SOON

Sheep's Eye £29.00 42% 10 Botanicals, carefully selected to compliment each other.  Using flavours such as Celery Seed, Black Pepper and Thyme BACK SOON

Locksley Distilling - Sheffield

Raspberry & Cardamom £40.00  40.5% 30 raspberries per bottle, then  added a separate distillation of cardamom to give it more dimension

Nightingale's - Wakefield

Waterton's Reserve Blood Orange £39.00 37.5% Rich citrus gin infused with blood orange

Waterton's Reserve Dame Ruby Rhubarb £40.00 37.5% 37.5% Double rhubarb gin created for Bier Huis for Wakefield rhubarb festival

Waterton's Reserve Rhubarb £39.00 40.0% A fruit-rich gin with British rhubarb, apple and heaps of hedgerow leaves & berries

Waterton's Reserve Rose & Raspberry £39.00 37.5%  Old Tom, very floral, enriched with rose petals and raspberries

Waterton's Reserve Dandelion & Burdock £39.00 37.5% Old Tom infused with the familiar flavours of dandelion and Burdock

Waterton's Reserve West Riding Dry £39.00 40.0% Delicately balanced with eight botanicals, with the addition of roasted South American cocoa nibs

Poetic License - Sunderland

Rarities 8 £34.95 42.7% Agave Nectar Gin! The nose on the gin is sweet from the natural, unrefined sugars of the agave nectar with aromas of earthy black pepper and floral notes from hibiscus and rose 

Puerto de Indias - Spain  

Strawberry £31.50 37.5% Soft and delicate, intense aromas of strawberry and juniper on the nose, the taste of strawberry is subtle 

Slingsby - Harrogate

Rhubarb Gin £40.00 40.0% London Dry Gin, crafted using Harrogate spring water, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals and masterfully infused the finest hand-grown Yorkshire rhubarb BACK SOON

Warner Edwards - Northants

Apple and Pear £40.00 40.0% Collaboration with Joules

Elderflower Gin £15.00 40.0% Gin infused with fresh hand picked elderflower

Rhubarb Gin £16.00 40.0% Gin infused with rhubarb BACK SOON




Little Red Berry Co - Yorkshire 

Blackcurrant Vodka Liquer £17.95 25% 35cl

Rhubarb Vodka Liqueur £17.95 25% 35cl BACK SOON


Glenkinchie £38 43.0% 12 year old single malt BACK SOON

Little Red Berry Co - Yorkshire

Blackberry Whisky Liqueur £17.95 26% 35cl BACK SOON


Cu Bocan £35.00 46% Single malt - Light smoke with citrus and spices BACK SOON

Legacy £29.00 43.0% Single malt matured in a combination of bourbon & virgin oak casks BACK SOON



Mead £14 14.5% Blend of honey, water and fermented grape juice BACK SOON

Locksley - Yorkshire

Morocello £50.00 27.1% Citrus Liqueur Infused with Sicilian Moro Blood Oranges

Rhucello - Wakefield 

£18.00 500ml 18% Rhubarb spirit using rhubarb from the  Wakefield Triangle 

£12.00  250ml 18% Rhubarb spirit using rhubarb from the  Wakefield Triangle 


Chocolate wine £13.00 15% Notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety premium dark chocolate

Other spirits are available to order in store or by email request


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